Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wow! I Had No Idea Planes Could Do That.

Yesterday I got my credit card bill, which included a charge for a flight I'd purchased from Louisville to DC on Independence Air. The charge was correct, but I was a bit taken by surprise by the destination it listed. It listed the flight coordinates as: Louisville and Fictitious Point. Fictitious Point? That's not where I had planned to go, but I'm kind of intrigued. I wonder where this Fictious Point is and what exactly it's like there. Is it a place from a book or a movie that I'll immediately recognize? Will there be talking animals or extraterrestrials or munchkins? I'm excited. I can't wait for that flight. I just hope it doesn't take me to DC, because for months I've been under the impression that this is a real place, and my whole worl'ds going to be thrown out of kilter if I find out this is just a Fictitious Point.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Hawaii Photos

So it's taken forever, but we finally have our Hawaii pictures online. They're on Photobucket, which really isn't the best option, for reasons such as
a: It doesn't have enough memory to host all our photos under one account
b: It puts them in in a weird order and any time you edit the picture it moves them around
c: It won't let you give them good titles, since everything must be one word and you can't use symbols, etc.

But anyhow, it took forever to get them up so they will stay there for a while. Evenutally they will show up on a new site, but for now this will have to do. If you have a good site idea, let me know. I didn't really want to use one where you have to order something from them in order to keep your free account, but I just may have too. Some of those are really lame though in that they claim you as a member from the time you sign on, even if you're just looking at a friend's site and not starting your own. Whatever. Nothing is free. Or if it is, it's not the best quality.

If you want to see the photos, you'll have to go to two sites. First, go to mine. And to view the pictures in chronological order, start with the last page and view the pictures by pressing Previous. Then go to Jeff's page and view them however you want, because they are already so out of order it doesn't matter.

Hope you enjoy them. They don't really do justice to Hawaii, but it's the best we could do.