Sunday, April 29, 2007

They're Alive!

Yesterday I decided to clean up our back patio as it seems that spring might actually be here to stay. (I hope I didn't just jinx it because I am so ready for consistently warm weather!) And lo and behold in the little garden area we have I found that there was stuff growing in it. And not just stuff like weeds, but stuff I had planted. I about fell over. You see, I planted these things last year and they were completely devoured...whether by bugs, deer, raccoons, or a combination of these things, I'm not sure. We had tried planting flowers the year before with the same result. So this year we were planning to just throw down mulch and call it a year. I obviously did not inherit my mom's green thumb. But maybe, as evidenced by this photo, my thumb isn't completely brown. Or maybe I just got lucky. Regardless I hope this year it takes at least a few weeksbefore something eats my plants.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The State of the Nation

I feel like I am supposed to write something about the terror attacks at Virginia Tech earlier this week. But honestly, what else is there to say? I'm as shocked, horrified, saddened, disgusted, and overwhelmed as the rest of you. I simply wish for less hurt, less hate, less violence...more peace, more love, more understanding. Make it happen where you can.

Before all of that happened, I read two articles in the Washington Post Outlook section that I thought were pretty right on. They deal with the issues that seemed so big before this week's events: the Imus firing and the Duke case and the inherent racial issues. If you'd like to read them, which I recommend, here there are.

We're Our Own Worst Imuses

Drop the Race Card

Well, I'm off now, on my way up to CT to visit with Despina and Kate. Hope you all have as fun a weekend as mine will be.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another Freelance Piece

If you don't know much about the Kentucky Derby Festival, I suggest you go read my article.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

An Easter Miracle

Today, while browsing at the grocery store, a miracle happened to me.

I found these!

When I was a kid, my grandma used to keep these in her freezer. They were so good. A little covering of ice, and then good ol' J-e-l-l-o goodness. In chocolate, vanilla, and swirl! I've been looking for them forever without success, but then today, on Easter weekend, they were there. And though the shape has changed (which is kind of sad, because they were the perfect shape when they were fat and flat), they are, as you can see below, still very, very delicious.

And just for fun, here's a picture of Jeff "watching the lamb."

We plan to eat it for dinner tomorrow...although the recipe is a bit more difficult than we realized so hopefully it turns out okay!

Unwelcome Weather

There's snow on the ground. It's just a dusting. But it's still completely inappropriate. It was 80 just a few days ago. I want spring back.